After BURGER KING® France and BURGER KING® Belgium, Buzzman wins BURGER KING® communication in Russia following an international competition against David and two locals agencies.

The agency will be in charge of the 360° communication (TV, print, digital…) of the brand in Russia.

« After France and Belgium, the winning of Burger King in Russia confirms our ability to establish and embody the brand’s culture in different markets.
We’re so proud to built a unique partnership with the brand since the beginning in 2014, when Burger King entrusted Buzzman to manage its return to France and reach their brand image and business goals.
We have a great relationship with Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King, and all the marketing and communications teams in these countries.
Now, it’s maybe time for us to consider opening in the united states, close from the Burger King headquarters.
 » Georges Mohammed-Cherif, Buzzman Founder.

The first campaign will be out on February 2020 and will mark the beginning of a communication cycle that will be visible throughout the next year.