On April 26, the PMU unveiled its new brand platform through a large multi-media institutional campaign (TV, display, display and digital).
The brand stages a spectacular race that illustrates its new territory of communication, revealing its new signature: “May the best ones win”.
The communication campaign was carried out by Buzzman.

In early 2019, the PMU implemented its new strategy which focuses on horse betting DNA: the pleasure of the game and the expectation of winning. Its new communication campaign highlights the intensity of the show and the excitement of the gamblers. The new signature: “May the best ones win” sounds like a challenge and values ​​the wisdom of the bettors.

The call of the race
The TV movie tells an epic story, where nothing is foregone, where anything can happen through all the races that made History. It carries the idea that horse racing is the most spectacular sport and horse betting is the most intense sports betting. To such an extent that the heroes of the film do not withstand the call of the greatest race of all time!

Gamblers on top of the bill
True PMU heroes, the bettors are at the heart of the film and will be staged in the poster campaign (22 200 faces). Emotion, authenticity, their faces value the bettors through the sensations that the bet provides.

The media device that has been set up provides a 75″ TV film during the first 3 days of the campaign (from April 26 to April 29), followed by a 30″ format (from April 30 to May 19) on the main channels (TF1 , LCI, TMC, M6, W9, Canal +, C8 …). A Web part will relay the 30” and 75” versions. A display and print campaign will be rolled out nationwide, installing the new platform around the gamblers. Finally, an Equine and PQR press will complete this launch.

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PMU is Europe’s largest betting operator and the 3rd largest pool betting company in the world. It is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), the mission of which is to finance the French horse racing industry

PMU is a horse racing betting provider. Since 2010, it has also offered sports betting and poker on its website, PMU offers its customers a wide range of bets, along with related services and all the necessary information for bettors, 365 days a year. Its entire net income, €758 million in 2018, is returned to the EIG member racing companies, providing 80% of the revenue of the French horse racing industry. In particular, this funding goes into maintaining and modernising the 242 racetracks and training or breeding centres, as well as the provision of prize money and the organisation of races. It also contributes to the sustainability of over a hundred professions and specialities, such as jockeys, grooms, trainers, farriers, riding instructors, vets, and saddle makers, amongst others. The dynamic, sustainable and well-structured equine ‘trades’ sector in France is in good health and is a model recognised by all horse racing countries in the world. This model is now exported abroad.


Buzzman, voted “Best International Small Agency of the Year award in 2011” by Ad Age and “Agency of the year” at the Cristal Festival in 2013 and 2016, “Agency of the year” at the Effie Awards France 2016, “Most Creative Agency” in 2016 and elected by advertisers “New Model of Creative Agency” in 2017 at the Agencies of the year Award and “Most French Creative Agency” in 2019 by BVA Limelight consulting, is an independent advertising agency creating innovative concepts that go beyond traditional advertising.
In 2016, Buzzman created Productman, its innovative products and services creation studio, communicators, and business generators.
Winning for several consecutive years at international well-known festivals (Cannes Lions, Eurobest, EFFIE, Clio Awards…) as well as nationals, Buzzman is recognized as one of the
most creative agencies in Europe, with clients such as BURGER KING in France and Belgium, IKEA, OUIBUS (SNCF), Boursorama Bank, Fleury Michon, Hippopotamus, PMU, Panzani, Mondelez (Oreo, Milka, Tassimo & Belvita), easyJet, L’Oréal (Puma Fragrances, Garnier), Huawei, NRJ Mobile, Mumm, PayPal, Système U, DPD France, Delsey, Just Eat, BMW…


Managing Director Cyril Linette
Marketing Director Gérard Callegari
Brand & Products Director Timothée Loizeau
Communication Director Charlotte Pasternak
Head of Brand Department Pascal Drai
Head of Advertising Sophie Andreani
Account Executive Pierre Vinogradoff
Head of Horse Show Content Clémence Courbet
Head of Media Division & Development Martin Terrier
Head of Brand Management & Brand Content Christel Mulet-Querner
Brand Management & Brand Content Manager Hélène Brosselin


President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Creation Directors Louis Audard & Tristan Daltroff
Art Directors Oswald Yvan & Apolline Lemaire
Copywriters Apolline Lemaire & Oswald Yvan
Deputy Managing Director Florent Kervot
Account Manager Clément Chagnaud
Account Executive Soufiane Kechai
Social Media Manager Loris Bernardini
Head of Strategic Planning Clément Scherrer
Strategic Planning Edouard N’Diaye
Head of PR & Communication Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager Paul Renaudineau
Head of TV Production & Art Buying Vanessa Barbel 
TV Production Assistant Saveria Besset
Head Of Print Dee Perryman
Print Production Fany Maupou

Production 75
Post Production Mikros
Sound Production The
Director Matthijs Van Heinjningen
Musique Supervisor Too-Young
Photograph Jan Verboom