Starwax and its new agency Buzzman decided to do things spotlessly for the housekeeping brand created in France in 1946.
A first large-scale press and poster campaign that establishes a reason for being on top of the new brand signature: “As obsessive as you”.
A campaign set to disturb any self-respecting cleanliness freak, on air as of 1st July.

In a world where “average” is tempting, Starwax claims and celebrates the virtues of cleanliness and care. Through its hyper-specialised top-of-the-range products, the brand positions itself as an expert in home maintenance and wishes to highlight a community that is too often judged and criticised: ‘cleanliness freaks’ . Because yes, at Starwax, being passionate about efficiency is not a bad flaw, it is about pride.

And because cleanliness and care are often hidden in the detail, the brand is launching a campaign that is “disturbing” for any self-respecting cleanliness enthusiast.

Discover this poste campaign in Paris on 1st July and in Bordeaux on 4th July, supported by a social media activation and a press campaign. This campaign will be followed by a second national poster campaign at the end of August.

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Starwax is a French brand created in Lille in 1946 by two brothers who decided to start manufacturing wax for wood maintenance. It takes its name from their first product, which, as a tribute to America, used the English word “wax” instead of the French equivalent “cire”.

Care of interior flooring, furniture or textiles, maintenance of chimneys or pipes, cleanliness of the kitchen and hygiene of bathrooms and toilets, as well as exterior maintenance of the terrace and garden furniture… Starwax is today a leading brand, offering a complete range of products and maintenance accessories to help clean and take care of the house.

Efficiency and quality are the key words of the brand. Starwax products are carefully developed by our experts to ensure optimal performance on a given problem. It is after numerous tests and controls that each formula is approved and validated. Design, testing, manufacturing and packaging are carried out in the Noyelles-les-Seclin factory, near Lille.


Buzzman, voted “Best International Small Agency of the Year award in 2011” by Ad Age and “Agency of the year” at the Cristal Festival in 2013 and 2016, “Agency of the year” at the Effie Awards France 2016, “Most Creative Agency” in 2016 and elected by advertisers “New Model of Creative Agency” in 2017 at the Agencies of the year Award and “Most French Creative Agency” in 2019 by BVA Limelight consulting, is an advertising agency creating innovative concepts that go beyond traditional advertising.

In 2016, Buzzman created Productman, its innovative products and services creation studio, communicators, and business generators.

Winning for several consecutive years at international well-known festivals (Cannes Lions, Eurobest, EFFIE, Clio Awards…) as well as nationals, Buzzman is recognized as one of the most creative agencies in Europe, with clients such as BURGER KING in France, Belgium and Russia, IKEA, Boursorama Bank, Direct Assurance, Fleury Michon, Hippopotamus, PMU, Panzani, Mondelez (Oreo, Milka, Tassimo & Belvita), easyJet, L’Oréal (Puma Fragrances, Garnier), Huawei, NRJ Mobile, Mumm, PayPal, DPD France, Delsey, BMW…


Managing Director Etienne Sacilotto
Chief Marketing Officer Orianne Perreaux
International Marketing Manager (Starwax Home Care Interior) Marie-Pierre Vanhelst
International Marketing Manager (Starwax Home Care Exterior) Nicolas Vilquin
France Marketing Manager (Starwax Home Care Interior) Aurélie Gaffe
France Marketing Manager (Starwax Home Care Exterior) Fabien Coquidé
Graphic Studio Manager Rudy Lachevre
Digital Manager Jeremy Le Goux


President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Seniors Art Directors Victor Sidoroff & Mickaël Krikorian
Seniors Copywriters Victor Sidoroff & Mickaël Krikorian
Art Director Gianni Leotta
Copywriter Romuald Mevaere
Associate Director Isaure Goetz
Account Manager Clémence Gateau
Head of Strategic Planning Clément Scherrer
Head of PR & Communication Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager Paul Renaudineau
Rights Management Dee Perryman
Head of Production Vanessa Barbel
Production Assya Mediouni & May Pham & Charlotte Chadeau

Executive production 5ROADZ
Decorator / designer Isabelle Baudry
Photographer Jérome Galland
Photographer Agent LNB
Touch-up artist Adrien Bénard
Executive Engraver James Lefèvre